Monday, November 26, 2007

Kya and Bubby...Awe too cute

Here is a Video of Kya being the Little Mommy to her Bubby

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful to be together...Happy Turkey Day 2007

We made it to GUATEMALA and everything is going WONDERFUL...we are all loseing 10lbs looking after two Guate Tots now. Daddy and Bubby had a very special love at first glance relationship. Kya and Pepe rekindled there LOVE too. We had a great dinner at Montano's and then came back to the room and got to visit with Cristal and meet her son. Today we met with they people who are handling our case and we also had our family picture taken for our Christmas Cards. We had Thanksgiving Lunch here at the Westin where we got to meet Cameo and V...V is such a beautiful girl and we were really happy to get to see them. Tonight we went to dinner with Maria and Pepe again and it was AWESOME. Kya and Bubby are doing great together she thinks that he is HER baby and she touches him and says AWWW baby. He is facinated and scared of her at the same boy!
A few Pictures to tide you over until we get home..Daddy meeting Baby Brother...more pictures on Sisters Blog...Happy Turkey Day

The HAND OFF... Maria Izabel was waiting in the lobby for us...and Daddy went into Major Daddy mode
Oh SON I am hear to hold you and love you forever
Thankfull for MOMMY and DADDY
Daddy and his SON
OH Mommy is that really you...Thank you for bringing me Daddy and Sissy
Mommy FINALLY got her hands on me
Align Center
Yes Sis...I do have as much hair as you don't pull it please

Aunt LaLa holds baby brother for the first time
Oh did you hear OU has already recruited me....Boomer Sooner
If we put our heads together I am sure we can come up with a PLAN to get you home NOW bubby
Oh yea Girls I am the WHOLE Package...ROLL after ROLL. CHUBAWUMBA is my new nick name!
Mommy don't tickle tickle my CHUB again

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Brother and Sister....together at last

These Pictures totally CRACK me up...they are both naked and giving me the LOOK...I can't wait for Kya to meet her baby brother...and for all my friends down there to see Kya again...Oh its so exciting how will we sleep tonight! I will be posting pic's very soon of my two Guate Tots together...HUGS and have a Happy Thanksgiving

Hey SIS I am a Rough and Tough BOY you remember that

Yes BRO I know and belive me I am not a bit worried about it I may look CALM here but I am a WILD CHILD

Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Pictures Today

Miss Gaby Girl...THANK YOU for the new pictures. Gaby is home from the hospital and she is so happy to be home but still in alot of pain. Maria Mercedes is still in coma so PLEASE keep them in your prayers. DNA and Family Court are done so now we wait on PA. Aida...Thank you so much for putting the DNA outfit on Jagger that is so special to me because Kya wore the same outfit in her DNA pictures. Aida I will never be able to repay you for the EXTRA pictures you took for me of our son with his dear birth mom...I so love the way she is smiling at him. I know you had so much going on with your only daughter in the hospital...but still you took the time to make all my wishes come true...we love you!

What you lookin at...My hair???
Yup I look COOL just like my DADDY
WOO HOO We Rocked DNA and FAMILY COURT today and GABY got to come home from the Hospital too...What a GREAT DAY
Chunky Monkey...yes just like Daddy too
Oh yea and a FOXY Boy I you can guess just like DADDY TOO
Daddy HURRY UP ALREADY...I know you want to me so BAD

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

DNA and Family Court???.....CHECK!

We will have the DNA Test tomorrow at 11:00 A.M. and the FC at 2:00 P.M.
That is the email I just recieved from Hector my FACL in Guatemala....YIPEEEE I am loving this communication thing this time around!

HELLO PEOPLE I am in my Car Seat and all ready to go to DNA and FAMILY COURT TOMORROW!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Car Wreck Please Pray

PRAYER REQUEST good friend and the daughter of my son's foster mom and her boyfriend the son of my friends handleing my case and his sister were in a bad Car Wreck in Guatemala today. It was very scary and Gaby was in the front asleep with no seatbelt. She is still in the hospital and has to have surgery tomorrow on her knee. She also broke her foot and it banged up her face and teeth pretty bad...she is such a beautiful girl and I know this worries her. Also Ricardo's sister was asleep in the back seat and she was knocked out and is still in the hospital. I am so woried about all of them. Please say a prayer for them today. Gaby is the only girl in a family with 3 brothers and 2 foster son's right now so I am sure her mom Aida needs our prayers for peace tonight too. Thank you so much...Gaby we love you girly and we are thinking about you so much.

PS...I talked to Gaby tonight at the Hospital...and this is an INSIDE JOKE for her I am so glad she has not lost her FUNNY BONE...hehe SAVE THE LAP TOP...I love you girly!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Little HAM!!!

Here are a few of the new pictures we got over the last few days from Gaby. Gaby we wish you the best with your last 3 days of school.
Daddy's Hair Do in Sisters shirt...Kya wore this when she was 4 months old...Our son is wearing it at 2 months old.
Oh my gosh mommy I am a BIG BOY!
Jaggy Poo

This picture cracks me up...he is like...HUMMM is that a Paucha I see over there???

AWWWW...Sweet Dreams Son
Look Mom Sissy already taught me how to buckle and un buckle my car you ask? Well she sent me Instructions thru email...haha
Hamming it up for the camera...ONE HAPPY BOY!

Laughing at my mommy and daddy

Thursday, November 8, 2007

FPF POST...Long I know... Pic's from my Sept trip

YIPPPEEE Computer back and I feel like I have my right arm back...hehe! Here are the pictures of Guatemala from my SEPT trip when I met Jagger for the first time.
My Favorite Memory from my Trip to Guatemala in Sept...Meeting My Sweet Son!
The town of Chimaltenango where Kya and our son are from

Chimaltenango is known for making Bricks and tile roofs...which my mom loves
Stores and a NOT THE WINNER President sign in Chimaltenango

Our DRIVER for our Lake Road Trip....All the ladies FAV Gutemalan Man...PEPE
Cassie holding on for DEAR LIFE...HAHAHAH
Where Maria and Pepe will be Married soon...Hugs
bagging Potatoes by the road
The Lake
PePe took this picture of us...looks like a add in a magazine to me
Guatemala City
McDonalds Delivery Motercycles

hey Alicia is someone in the back of that truck...haha


Maria, Me, and Cassie at Lions Inn
Our Facebook and My Space Pictures
Yes we are big dorks
NO Troy we never left the hotel and we never went out after DARK....NOT
William, Maria, and PePe

Dinner at Montana's YUMMY
Friends Forever
On the top of Casa Santo Domingo
On the cobble stone streets of Antigua

I think they call this BANANA OVERLOAD
Tile roofs EVERYWHERE in Antigua
Love this
My HOME at Lions Inn

Oh Lions Inn I missed you so much....