Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What Daddy is going to the SUPER BOWL without me???

Here I AM DADDY...all ready for you to pick me up on your way to AZ....see I even have my HAT on....I AM READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!!

Daddy I will watch the Super Bowl to see if you make it on TV

I bet Mommy will be on TV

She will be the one RUNNING ACROSS THE FIELD CHASEING STEVEN TYLER...Yess Daddy she called me tonight all the way in Guatemala to tell me that Steven Tyler is going to be at the Super Bowl...CRAZY MOMMY

Happy Birthday GABY...Thanks for these pictures they are perfect!

In my DREAMS I am smiling because I am with Mommy, Daddy, and Kya Blu at the BIG GAME

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back at the GOOD Ole Marriott

Back at the good OLE MARRIOTT...with a few OLD FRIENDS and Getting to meet a new friend and a little boy I will never forget MR. ROBBIE

Sand Carpet at the Marriott


Meeting Robbie and his foster Mom for the first time

Tammy you are ONE LUCKY MOMMA

MISS LYDIA...who was our housekeeper ....but more than that one of my Best Friends in Guatemala. She is now a HK Manager...WOOOHOOO
I can't wait for Miss Lydia to get to see Kya again
One CUTE little Greek Guatemalan
The FAMOUS EDNA from Corey's Blog....Ok LOVE THIS GIRL. She was such a huge help with Jagger while we ate dinner and looked over DATELINE Documents. She pushed Jagger around La Vista so I could eat my dinner. What a BEAUTIFUL GIRL!
Teo....Eating with him in La Vista really brought back the OLD DAYS. He was a good friend to me while I fostered Miss Kya last year. I hope you all saw that there was a lot of EDITING on that dateline interview. I am not saying he or anyone else is perfect but I am saying that there are two sides to every story.


American and Guatemalan FLAG

Oh the GOOD OLE MARRIOTT...My home away from HOME


YIPEEEEE WE GOT KICKED OUT OF PGN FOR NO PA TODAY JAN 29th 2008. Hope to go back in on Thur or Fri with a complete file! Praying to come out APPROVED next time.

Hangin out at my OLD HANGOUT the MARRIOTT POOL with MR. HAPPY

Lead Guitarist

Mommy's Lil ROCK STAR

At the AMA's in 2027 I would like to THANK MY MOM for telling me I can BE ANYTHING I want to be...and helping me make all my dreams come true I think I LOOK pretty darn good in these Jeans

Super COOL Rock Star Stare

Sooner or Later....I knew I would start melting down

Ok people the HARD TIME is hitting me. I was looking at all the new posts I created last night to post over the next few days and I saw all the things that I am missing RIGHT NOW....with my son. I know he is only four months and I am so lucky to have already been able to spend as much time with him as I have....but this is so differant than what I am used to ....fostering Kya. I now know what all of you who did not foster went through. Jagger is Such a happy and FUN baby....will I still have a baby when he comes home??? Please can't we just have an easy time in PGN this time around??? I want Kya to have her brother who she loves and kisses through the computer HOME. I want to be the one rocking him , kissing him, and seeing that Jaggy Poo smile every morning. And here I thought I was going to handle this adoption better than the last one....who was I kidding????

Jagger MOMMY DOES NOT WANT TO MISS A THING...we are doing everything we can do in our power to get you home with us. Your mommy is very PRO ACTIVE and I will not ever give up on getting you home a day sooner and a day sooner and a day sooner....I HEART JAGGER FOREVER!

UH HELLO...don't you buy these SHIRTS where they wear ORANGE???
Mom you KNOW I AM A SOONER right???
What the HECK OU got JIPPED out of the National Tital this year?????
Well thats a BUNCH of CRAP if you ask me
We all know they are number 1....Just in case you can't read my shirt....I will show you with my HAND...#1


I wanted to show you all HOW much and HOW hard my Boy really LAUGHS...I mean its a DEEP BELLY laugh and once he starts it just gets in sequence...I must have been telling some GREAT JOKES....I probably got the jokes from Pop Pop's Willy Nelson Book....HAHA

Thats a REAL Knee Slaper
Please No more Jokes....I am about to pee my pants
All that GIGGLING will really wear a boy out
Angel Boy....Oh how your mommy misses hearing that DEEP BELLY LAUGH. I dream of you every day and night and I know that SOON you will be home and you will have your silly Sister to LAUGH at all day long....for now I will LONG for those days