Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why was my awesome???

Because I have the BEST FOSTER FAMILY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. I think that GOD knew that since I could not foster Jagger myself this time around that he needed to find the PERFECT family to take care of him for me. Well he made a perfect match. Aida...loves my son just the way I would and Gaby..well we are two peas in a pod...we will be life long friends.

SO now why was today so special because we got to watch our SON on the Web Cam for almost 2 hours today. I also got to talk to him through he could hear my voice. He was so cute it looked like he was looking for me and then he kept kissing Gaby. Kya got to see him too and when she saw him she was talking to him saying Hi, Bye, Hi, Bye and by the time we got off was calling him baby and Jag. I had laminated some pictures of him for her to play with and when she saw him on the computer she ran and got the pictures of him and gave one a KISS...Oh I love my children.

Gaby had also been sending me pictures of our often you ask??????EVERYDAY. Can you believe it? I am loving this so much. This is the next best thing to being there with him myself. I am counting down the days to Thanksgiving that is for sure
. I cried tears of joy when I saw how they had decorated his crib. Gaby says they are having so much fun with the toys and clothes I left for him. He loves his bouncy seat and can already play with the toys on it and he usually falls asleep in it. Tomorrow I will post pictures of Aida and her family.

Oh light up my life already
Most Valuable Player in our BOOK for sure!!!
Hello all been missing me much???
Snuggle Bunny
Jaggers Bed where he dreams of his Mommy, Daddy, Sister, Nana, MeMe, PaPa, Aunt LaLa, Aunt Cassie, and of going to Disney World for his first birthday...LOL

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 4 and 5

Day four we packed up and moved into my other home away from home the MARRIOTT. We then took Jagger to baby photo to have his pictures made. We should have the proofs next week. He was a MESS...he did not want to take a picture with out his MOMMY. We then went to lunch with Maria and Pepe at Ta was is traditional Guatemalan food. We then got to go see Maria and Pepe's new CASA...which is so amazing. We are so happy for you and can't wait to try to keep Kya and Jagger off your stairs and out of your indoor fountain. I will post pictures of there house in a few days, they are on my moms camera and we don't have a cord to download them. We then headed back to the Marriott. We had a nice visit with Mariam and her family...a friends foster family. We then did a little more shopping and then ate a nice dinner at Sirabella. Wednesday morning we had breakfast with Velveth and then Maria and Pepe took us and Jaggy to the airport. Yes, I was crying the WHOLE WAY and I kissed him 1000 times. We had such a great trip and I really appreciate all my Guatemalan family who take there time to take us all over know more of my heart stays in Guatemala each time I visit. Jagger was a totally dream baby...he LOVES to eat and was taking about 5 oz every two hours by the time we left. Also he loves to sleep on his MOMMY...I have a cute picture of that on my moms camera too.
From DAY 3...after lunch...Nana, Aida...Jaggers Foster Mommy, Jaggy POO, and me
Oh Mommy I adore you....and I adore you SON
NANA...I hear you love baby boys now...Oh just THIS BABY BOY HUH!!!
Nana's Last besos
We had Breakfast with Velveth in La Vista and then had to say goodbye...we love you and miss you Velveth....can't wait to meet your new daughter
Totally Stylin

Jagger holding mommies hand...with both of his hands
Smiley BOY
Walter, Mariam, Jagger, and the BEAUTIFUL Maria Carmen...they are my friends Jana's foster family and they are SO SWEET. They actually came to hotel to meet Jagger and see us. We really love them. They had a FIT over Jagger. They really LOVE the babies.
Counting the days until my mommy comes back...HURRY UP TURKEY DAY...I want to be my mommies baby turkey....Kya can be the Guate Tot Toddler Turkey

Friday, October 26, 2007

DAY the life and times of JAGGER

We got up and had an AWESOME breakfast that Patti and Juanita made for us. We then went into Antigua shopping at all the markets. I carried Jagger in his MOBY wrap all day and he just LOVES it and so do I...because he is so close to me and he rubs his little hand on my chest the whole time. We then met Gaby and Aida, Jagger's foster family. First we set up the web cam and digital camera we took on Gaby's laptop. Well I should say I sat and WATCHED Gaby install the software for these things. Gaby is so SMART and beautiful. I just love her family already. I can tell already that my Guatemalan Family just grew when they came into our lives. I know we will always have a relationship with them and that Gaby and I will be great friends for life. We had the best lunch with her and her mom at the Filadelphia Coffee Plantation. Her mom really loves getting to foster the babies. Jagger is her seventh baby. She has had 5 boys and 2 girls. She is doing so many things for us so that he will be an easy baby for us when he comes home. I have pictures of them with us but they are on the camera I gave Gaby so I will have her send them to me in a few days. When we got back to the Inn, Maria's parents were there to take us to dinner at Hotel Antigua...YES WE ATE ALL THE TIME...We had such a great evening with them too. We got a tour of the hotel from one of the owners who is friends with Maria's family. It really was a PERFECT and RELAXING day with the LITTLE MAN OF MY DREAMS...JAGGY POO

Hey Mommy I know you want me to give you a BIG OLE WET JAGGY BESOS...RIGHT???

Here I come Mommy Pucker Up

Yup I am a MOMMA'S BOY already...see the big ole smile I give her while I am giving her BESOS

Oh NO SISSY...Mommy and Maria are at it again...What do they think I am a DOLL??? I hear they did this DRESS UP thing to you all the time too...any tips on how to get them to STOP it. Oh YEA and what about the FLASHING thing that seems to be stuck to Mommies do I DETACH that from her. Sissy I have so much to learn from you...I better get home fast.

Yup self portrait...Jaggy thinking MOMMY what are you doing have really LOST IT

Jaggy's favorite place in the WHOLE WORLD...snuggled to mommy in his MOBY WRAP
Mommies favorite place for Jaggy to be....Oh this is the BEST!!!
The minute I put him in the WRAP he went right to sleep
Good night...Day four pictures soon to come

Boy Oh Boy Mommy MISSES YOU Jaggy Poo

I got home last night to find these pictures in my EMAIL...So no these are not day 3 and 4 pictures...these are NEW PICTURES and boy ob boy did in make my Heart So Happy....THANK YOU GABY!!!

Hey Mommy...this SMILE is for you and all the lovin you gave me all weekend...come back soon.
The Little LOVE of my life...Oh SON Mommy has fallen HARD for you....I am carrying you around in my heart ALL DAY LONG

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Live with Jagger Day 2

Things are going good here. Yesterday was a bit hectic just trying to get settled in and getting to know Jagger....but today was nice and peaceful. Yesterday Maria Izabel brought Jagger to me at the airport...which was AWESOME and now she has us living like ROCK STARS again in the Apartment here at the bed and breakfast. Yesterday I had lunch with Velveth and her family and met with Hector my Facilitator. That meeting went very well. I got a pretty good time line of when things will be done and I got to learn about Jagger's birth family who I will get to meet this time. I am so excited about this.
Things are pretty calm here in Antigua. I met two other moms today that are fostering here. No dramatic news of any problems with the cases in process. So all in all the adoptions seem OK for now.
Today was very special because I got to take Pictures of Jagger on the exact same Piano that I took pictures of Kya on last OCT. When I moved into Lions Inn last year there was a Piano Concert the day I moved in...just so happend the concert for this year was last night. After the mini photo shoot...we went shopping in Antigua and then to eat at a very wonderful reastraunt...Las Palmras...or something like that. It was so wonderful because I brought a MOBY wrap this time and it is the BEST WRAP EVER...I promise I have bought about 5 others and none of them are comfortable. I wore Jagger in the Moby Wrap...ALL DAY and my back or shoulders never hurt and he was SNUG and HAPPY. I really got a chance to bond with him today and it was wonderful...all except for the little thought that creeped into my head after dinner when I leaned down to kiss him...Oh my gosh I have to go home with out him on WED. I will leave you all with a few pictures from today...Oh and Kya got to meet her brother VIA WEB CAM today and it was so sweet she was blowing him kisses...Hugs Candy and Jagger
My Fav Pic from today...I love you Mommy's cuddle bear
You may remember this picture of Miss THANG Kya Blu...this was taken the day after we moved into Lions Inn last year
Who is that FUNNY PUNKBABY in the Piano???? Oh thats me mommy! I was so happy to get these pictures of Jagger on the same exact Piano
Am I seeing DOUBLE
Oh a TINY LITTLE PUNKMAN perched on a Piano
You see my Muscles...yes even in thie silly punpkin suit my mommy made me wear I am a tough little man
Mommy, Nana, and Jagger
Tia Maria Izabel and Teo Pepe...Pepe is meeting Jagger for the first time
Look Out Sissy Mommy says I get to come home to your house know the story...Max and Ruby....well they are changing it to Jagger and Kya very soon!!!

Look out man...I am on the move
Oh my word what does this HUGE bib say...Oh yes it is true I love you Sissy Blu
Hunky Bunky Bye Bye for mommy needs to sleep while I am sleeping...

Oh have you all been waiting on these???

I have something to say....get your booty down here and give me a real Besos Sissy!!! I love you your Bubby Jagger.
We are doing great and Jagger is a DOLL...who loves to EAT, PEE, and Does not like the camera at all!!!

Kya's BEAUTIFUL baby Brother...The Jaggy Poo
Jaggy and Mommy....let me tell you this BOY loves to EAT and PEE

Dimples for MICKEY....Hotdog Hotdog...Hot Digity Dog

Jaggy BEAR

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fav Photo Friday

All Packed, Only a few more items to get at the store, ton's of Hugs for Kya today because I will miss her so much...tommorow fingerprinting and then OFF TO SEE MY BOY early SAT morning. I will try to post a few Pics from Guate...but we are staying in Antigua so internet service is not the best.

Yes Mommy I am dreaming on the EXACT MOMENT they place me in your arms again...Hence the Smile and Dimples!!